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Wee Woolies Cardinal Pattern


Wee Woolies Cardinal Pattern

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The vibrant male cardinal and his vivid flash of red always catches our eye; even more so in the winter against a backdrop of snow. We hear his song and know he is here! Throughout history, cardinals have represented loving relationships, romance, devotion and even good fortune!

Cardinal appliqué measures approximately 4 inches square. Full size pattern includes the design in forward and reverse, color chart for planning, detailed embroidered embellishment and alternate layout suggestions. Choose pdf download or printed pattern.

Bonus! Free with purchase of the Cardinal is the pattern to create a beautiful 18 x 32 inch Oval Table Topper. Collect all of the Wee Woolies Warblers and add one at time to your topper. This gorgeous project makes a perfect gift for bird watchers.

May the Wee Woolies Warbler Cardinal pattern bring good fortune to your appliqué projects!