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2013 Row by Row Shop Hop

Posted on June 17th, 2013, by Calico Gals

Logo for the New York State Row by Row shop hop featuring quilted sailboats and houses

It’s almost here! The 2013 Row by Row starts July 1st and runs through September 2nd. This summer you can “cross the border” in this fun and free shop hop. Over 70 shops in NY and over 60 shops in Pennsylvania are participating. Vist our pages on Facebook (each state has its own page), and download the lists of participating shops.

Have fun traveling, shopping, and collecting all the different patterns! Have more fun making the rows and designing a quilt.

It’s the easiest shop hop ever! Just visit any of the participating quilt shops throughout the summer. Each shop is giving away a pattern for one row in a Summertime Row Quilt. Pick up as many as you can, then mix and match your rows to create a fun and unique quilt. No passports and no fees! It’s a freebie!

Illustration of a New York State license plate with the words Quiltn Gal Calico Gals Syracuse

Many of the participating shops are offering their own Fabric Plate. Collect them all!

One Response to “2013 Row by Row Shop Hop”

  1. Carol Watkins says:

    I’m so excited to be able to learn about your Row By Row Shop Hop and to be able to participate this year! Cathy hasn’t contacted me yet but I am looking forward to talking to her. The idea of the shop plates is so cute but I will need time to find out where to get them made and contract for them soon. Things like that do not usually take overnight to get done, right? Will she furnish me with the details so I can begin marketing it in my area and to the snowbirds we get headed to Florida right now? Thanks for the work you have put into developing this hop and for sharing the idea with us at Kaye’s.

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